Friday, October 19, 2007

First wind storm of the season!

Nowadays I don't watch much TV so I don't really know what's the most updated news till much later. Anyway, this afternoon, I was sitting in my front of my PC when I noticed the wind was very strong outside. The trees were all bent over and lots of leaves were flying all over the place. But I didn't really bother about it 'cos I thought it was just an extra windy day.

Then later when I turned on the TV for Lil' C to watch & I saw all the evening school closing and event cancellation, only I realised it was a wind storm. At some places, the wind even reached up to 60 mph ( almost 100 kph!). Lots of trees got knocked down and > 100,000 homes are without power right now. Yikes!

The wind has died down for now. Tomorrow is supposed to be another windy day. Hopefully not like today!


bp said...

Yes, we've been without power because of strong winds from thunderstorms and icestorms, too, as a result of trees crashing on power lines. And the power failure had taken days (and even more than a week, in severe instances) to be restored. Something I took for granted, because it doesn't happen back home. But now we have torches, candles, etc within easy reach. You probably do, too!

Judy said...

Wow, that is dangerous. Did your hubby get home from work alright?

Blur Mommy said...

BP: weather-related problems is something we never have to deal with in Msia, ya?

Judy: Yes, thank God that his route home wasn't affected badly. Hopefully we won't be having too much weather problem this winter.

mama bok said...

It seems that you are not the only one hit by the strong winds.. we had that over the weekend too.. and Letti over in Texas had the same thing. I hate it.. when it blows so hard..! scary eh..??

Blur Mommy said...

mamabok: wow, didn't realize it was all over! so wierd! :(