Friday, September 14, 2007

We survived the first week of school!!! - Part 1

I'm bacccccccck!! Curious to know how it went? Well, it was awesome!! It went very well. A little stress but not a single tear was dropped!! Yeah!!! Looks like the brainwashing worked. More about that later.

Monday, we got to the school a little early. She had a worried look on her cute face but didn't cry. Walked into class and there was a little Korean girl there. So I kinda took advantage of that, got some intros going & asked her if she wanted to play with her new friend, E :) I think that makes her feel a little better to have a "friend" . Turned out E is only 1 day younger than Lil' C.

Then instead of letting Lil' C just stand around & get anxious, the teacher immediately led Lil' C to the table & got her started working on a simple activity of putting marbles into a bottle. E was also working on an activity. To me, that was a really good move because the activity kept her busy & distracted her from her fear. I just stood aside & let the teacher guide her through the project. While the teacher was guiding her, she looked at me a few times for assurance. I just smiled & nodded my head. Slowly she began to feel more confident and was soon fully concentrated on her activity.

After hanging around for another 10 minutes, I told Lil' C that I would wait for her outside the class & come back to get her if she needs me. So I waited outside the door for another 5 mins, and then left. :D

To be continued . . .


jazzmint said...

aiya what happen after u left LOL...faster update

mybabybay said...

Usually when mummy disappear, they won't cry. Only cry when mummy is around. :P But I am sure the activities will keep her occupied.

Blur Mommy said...

jazzmint: update liao :D

mybabybay: ya, I think the activities help to distract her. :)

East Meets West Kitchen said...

Should have looked at your post sooner. But my problem is that I'm the one in tears! Silly uh?

Blur Mommy said...

EMWK: nolah, not silly at all. I think it's a normal reaction after all this is a big milestone in their lives. A sign of them growing up already, right? :)