Thursday, September 6, 2007

Not a good idea!

This fall, I am planning to send Lil' C to a Chinese pre-school for 1 or 2 days per week. So I've been busy trying to check out schools. Yesterday, one of the school had an open house, so I brought Lil' C along to check out the facilities.

To cut the story short, we checked out the classrooms, playground etc. and Lil' C was really excited about it. So I thought Great! I'm all set then.

A little conversation later:
Me: Lil' C, do u want to go to school?

C: Yes, mommy! I love school.

Me: But mommy's not going to be there, ok?

C: *pause, thought about it & eyes started to get misty * I think that is not a very good idea, mom! I want to be with you! :(

Me: *sigh* (I think I got to do a little brainwashing to do........ )


Judy said...

Well, you can only give it a try. If your little C does not enjoy it after a fair trial of time, then other options may be considered?

wHOisBaBy said...

can't wait to see how you do the brain washing. i need the training from you. btw, i am passing a special award to you:

mumsgather said...

I brainwashed mine till she was ready too but now I'm not ready due to transportation and other arrangements. :P

Mommy to Chumsy said...

do tell how you are planning to brainwash Lil' C :D

snoopy said...

Every children will have fear to go to school without mum. My nephew cry two if school holiday, he will ask why want to have holiday.........So, dont feel so pity when they cry..unless really cannot then think of another way.

The Cooking Ninja said...

Perhaps when she sees all the other children, she would have forgotten about mommy not with her and hurry to make new friends and play with them.

Mummy to QiQi said...

This is what I do to *brainwash* Qiqi

Mummy: Qiqi,this school is so interesting hor?
Qiqi: Ya, mummy, so many kids playing
Mummy: U wanna go there?
Qiqi: Ya, i wanna go to this school.
Mummy: But i dont think u can go, coz they wont let mummy in.
Qiqi: Nvm, Ma u go back, I go alone.
Mummy: What if u cry for me?
Qiqi: No lar, I wont cry.

Big Pumpkin said...

Haha, very smart, Mummy to Qiqi!

I did a lot of role playing with dolls and toys. Some would be the students, one is the teacher and one is Mummy. So she understands the dynamics.

Then I would talk positively about school everyday but not ask her if she would like to go. Just say things like, at school, this is what they with flour. :-) well, they do that at my daughter's school! So it is very tempting for them because how many Moms allow their kids to mess with flour all over the floor!

BTW I tagged you - 8 facts about Mom

Blur Mommy said...

judy: yep, if dun try, will never know.

whoisbaby: let's see if it works 1st or not :P Thanks for the award.

mumsgather: haha... never mindlor, at least she's ready anytime :)

mommy to chumsy: see if works 1st, ok? hehe..

Blur Mommy said...

snoopy: ya, hopefully she'll be ok.

the cooking ninja: I really hope so. : ) Thanks for dropping by

mummy to qiqi: haha....good one. I think I will try that on my gal! :P

BP: thanks for your ideas. will try them out on C. Actually, I already got that tag from MG but haven't done it yet :P But will include urs.