Monday, August 27, 2007

Give me a Clue . . .

From The New Parent's post on learning, I find that I tend to lean towards indirect teaching when it comes to Lil' C. Maybe because of my own boring straight-from-the-book education upbringing, I try to make it more fun for Lil' C.

One that I shared before was my color game. Another game that we love to play is the Give me a Clue game (Sorry for the boring game title...hehe... These are all self-invented games! :) ) Anway, the Clue game is just like it says, I give clues & she trys to answer them.
Some of the examples are:

Clue: What is a monkey's favorite fruit. It's yellow & it grows on trees.
Answer: Bananas!!

Clue: I am an animal that loves bamboo. I'm black and white. I come from China. What am I?
Answer: Panda!!

Clue: My mommy is a kangaroo & I live in a pouch. Who am I?
Answer: Joey!!

See, simple and yet she's learning a lot of facts. We love to play this especially during lunchtime when it's just me & her at the table. She gets to eat & learn at the same time. Lil' C loves playing this game & now she's even giving me clues. She will ask me, What is an animal & it moos???? :)

We also play the riddles game. It works the same way just with riddles. An example will be When the sun goes down, what comes up?

I think the best part of these games are to get our little ones thinking instead of just reading the facts from the book. Try it with your little ones & you'll find that they will be much more interested in learning :)


jazzmint said...

oo i love this game too...havent got chance to practice on my girl though

The New Parent said...

Hi BM--I love both of these learning games and think they can be helpful in reinforcing information. Also, thank you for discussing my post, that's very generous of you (smile).

I have begun to understand that indirect teaching may be more useful in the long run, tho all the methods (direct, indirect, catalytic) are useful.

Thanks again!

miche said...

this is great..gonna try it on my girls. thank for sharing. :)

Mommy to Chumsy said...

This is fun. Thanks for the great ideas.

Mummy to QiQi said...

hey, this is good to let their brain work more :)

G @ said...

Thanks for anothr great tip! cant wait to start it on my girl :)

wHOisBaBy said...

i like riddle games when i was young. i like to guess but also like to know the answer.

btw, i tagged you. let us know what blogging tips you can share with us:

Blur Mommy said...

jazzmint: I'm sure Faythe will have fun palying :)

TNP: I guess all methods are useful. Just have to find out which method works better for the child, right?

miche: you're welcome! Have fun!

mommy to chumsy: You're welcome! :)

mummy to qiqi: ya, it's better to let them think instead of just memorizing the facts.

G: You're welcome. Have fun with it. :)

whoisbaby: I love riddles too. Tag done on my rambling blog.