Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Teaching Chinese (Mandarin) Language

When Lil' C was born, I always wanted to teach her Chinese and I did...... at least for the first few months of her life. Then when she started to show interest in books around 9 month, all my Chinese lessons went out the door. : ( She loves books. Since we can borrow as many books as we want from the libraries here, we would go through at least 10 books a day. My Chinese is very rusty and definitely not good enough to translate all those books to Chinese. I couldn't get hold of any Chinese books at all. It was very hard keeping her interested in a language with no books, flashcards and especially one which no one else speaks. So I kinda abandoned her Chinese lesson.

But now I think it's a good idea to get started again for a couple of reasons. The main reason is that I want her to be able to communicate with her grandparents. With the inlaws impending visit sometime next yr, I want them to be able to enjoy their time together & not be marred by the inability to communicate since the inlaws don't speak English.

Another reason is that she's at a point where she's absorbing everything. Occasionally I still teach her a few Chinese words & I find her picking them up much faster than before. Now that we've moved to the Pacific Northwest, there's so much more resources available too. Even Chinese schools!!

So...... wish me luck everyone! : ) Hopefully the lessons will go well. Anyone knows of a good Chinese learning website? :P


Mummy to QiQi said...

how about buying some chinese flash cards from book stores ?? sorry, as i cant read chinese too... :(

Judy said...

Chinese as in Mandarin?

I regret not learning when it was compulsory. I came home crying on day one and my mother wrote a letter for me to be excused from POL. :(

BeeLee said...

We made our own "soft flash card" (English words) with hard paper but we stopped the teaching as he showed less interest in studying them about half a year ago. May be you can try making your Chinese verison flash card too ? :)

Hooi Imm said...

Hi, found your link thru Jany's site. I have a 9 months old daughter and I'm speaking to her in Mandarin, hoping that one day, she will be bilingual.

It's tough especially when only one parent speak mandarin.

Check out my blog

Hooi Imm

Blur Mommy said...

mummy to qiqi: here cannot buy flashcardsleh.... Have to DIY : )

Judy: cham ar?? Yep Mandarin. I'm glad that I do know some Mandarin 'cos it's very useful here. Do u know in some of the Chinese restaurants here, they have a special Chinese menu written in Chinese?? You get to order dishes not on the normal menu :)

BeeLee: I also made some flashcards in English but so hard to make flashcards in Chinese. I guess I dun have other choice. Have to do it anyway. :)

Hooi Imm: Good for u!! Both DH & I do speak Mandarin & it's still hard to teach her. Thanks for dropping by : )

Bee said...


You can try to get someone in Malaysia to get you some. I brought quite some over (Chinese books from my nieces, nephews) to teach my hubby. Besides, you can buy them online from China.

G @ said...

i never ever had a chance to enrol in POL as none was offered at my primary school and when i moved on to secondary in KL, just my luck that from that year onwards, they stopped offering POL! i hope to be able to teach my girl some canto when she is older. i'm sure lil C will master Mandarin in no time since she is such an intelligent girl and u always hv such creative teaching methods!

snoopy said...

Try to look into taiwan web, I heard my friend bought the flash card online but I never ask how. As my house, we speak diarect and mandarin at home. So kids at home can speak hokkien and mandarin.

Ann said...

I think alot of us want our kids to learn Mandarin now. But if they do not have people to talk to, it is hard for them to master the language.

But you can speak Mandarin, so at least you can conscientiously speak and teach your kid.

Good Luck!