Friday, July 20, 2007

Tag: If I have $1 million........

Thanks to WhoIsBaby & Lovely Mummy for this interesting tag. First of all, RM or USD ar???? hehe.... RM1 million cannot do much here so I assume USD1 million hor? Then can do more things. : )

Ok now I start my daydreaming.... If I have 1 million, I would ......
  • give 10% to church
  • put 20% in Lil' C's education fund
  • 40% for investment
  • 10% to pay off house
  • 10% to travel
  • 10% to set up a business

Oops, finish 1 million already ar?? So fast!! Time to stop daydreaming & back to reality...*sigh*

Gonna pass this tag on to:

Anggie & Jeremy
Tips & Tricks to Happy Parenting

Instructions :
**Start Copy**
Proposition: If you Have $1,000,000.00…………………………………
Requirements: continue above sentences
Tag Mode: 5 blogger
1st - You leave their blog and post link and add to the list below.
2nd - Let the blogger you want to tag know they been tagged by comment in their blog or etc.
What They Do With Their $1 Million
1. SYH will spend for Family.
2. Miche will give to the needy.
3. Montessorimum will keepsake
4. Lovely Mummy will spend & save
5. Sweetpea will spend it like a mummy should.
6. wHOisBaBy will save it for future.
7. BlurMommy will invest & enjoy.


kayatan said...

Jamy here, you are invited to join the contest on which watermelon do you choose @
Winner will get a Florida Native gift :)

G @ said...

invest and enjoy - that's a good one ;)

miche said...

here's another tag for u :P

Judy said...

Good plan. $1million is nothing these days hor? :)

Anggie's journel said...

Hi.. thanks for the tag.. i wish i have that $$$$$ ... hahahah, must go back and dream ... will post it soon.

LA My Home said...

agree with judy, 1 million is not much.


Sweetpea said...

tis the season to be tagging! u're tagged again!

Blur Mommy said...

g: If dun invest, sure finish even faster one hor??

miche: thks

judy: Yalor, $1 mil is not much nowadays.

anggie: Me too!! ok, go & dream abt it 1st! : )

whoisbaby: yep, I agree too!

sweetpea: another one? ok thks! will check it out.

kayatan said...

Hi Blurmommy,

Don't use "If" use "When" :)
One of my investment funds site has a calculator that if you invest from 21 for a certain amt of $, you will get US$1mil when you are 65.
I cannot remember the exact amount of US$ he mentioned in his web.

Read my gold 101 investment now and then when I post, you will turn "If" to "When" :):)

$ loves companies, She loves to be with other $s and she calls for companies when you know her likes , dislikes and tastes. When you know how $ thinks , you will be able to get $ very easily.

Cheers !

Blur Mommy said...

Jamy, I definitely want to chg "if" to "when" : ) I have been checking out ur gold blog. U have lots of great info. I am definitely interested in it. It's all still very new to me so I'm still digesting it. Thks so much for sharing. I hope u continue to share more.: ) said...

10% to your church... are you LDS? Adventist? Just curious. Hope you don't mind my asking.

That's quite the jello art. Nice layers. Nice chick sandwiches.

Thanks for checking out my blog.