Thursday, July 5, 2007

Tag: 8 random facts about me

Got double tagged by Cairo's mommy & The Imperfect Mom for this. Actually I did a 7 random things about me tag about 2 weeks ago. Hopefully, I can still come out with 8 more. If you are interested, here goes....

1. I'm a procrastinator! That explains all the sudden influx of tags..hehe... Sorry hor!

2. I am camera-obsessed. I bring my camera everywhere I go. This only happen post-baby. I guess I'm afraid I'll miss some kodak moments. Since I'm with her 24/7, I have tons of Lil' C's photos. Now I have a headache 'cos I haven't figure out a way to organize them!! Any tips??

3. I took my first solo flight to US at the age of 17. Apparently my family forgot to inform me that there are 4 different time zones in US 'cos I was so happily shopping in the airport shops during transit that I almost missed my connecting flights.

4. I love chocolates!!

5. For my elementary and secondary education, I was educated in Chinese, Malay and English-medium schools. Talk about a confused kid!! hehe...

6. I'm more of an introvert. Can you tell? Maybe it's due to my nomadic lifestyle? (See here) I dunno.

Hmm... I'm kinda stuck right now. How about if I add 2 random facts about my gal instead?? :P

7. Her favorite food is sweet potato fries. Whenever I make those, she can eat the whole potato!

8. She has accumulated a lot of frequent flier points for a 31 month old. She's been to Malaysia twice and flown cross country from East Coast US to the West Coast US 3 times

Ok, that's it of boring ole' me. Gonna pass this on to my new friends:

1. Everyday Healy
2. Grandmother Stories
3. Gogo Snoopy


jean said...

Hi Blur Mommy, am glad to know you better now :)

Judy said...

I agree with Jean, more of you that we know.
Did you go to US to study at 17? Ok, another question, what is this sweet potato fries you make for your girl? Like normal fries?
I will try to do this tag....soon. :)

Blur Mommy said...

jean: thanks for reading this!

judy: yep, came for my studies. Sweet potato fries is like normal fries except that it's baked. I cut the sweet potato into strips, sprinkle with olive oil & bake for abt 30 min.