Wednesday, July 18, 2007

She turns 32 months today.....

My baby is 32 months today........ In another 4 months, she will be 3. She is really growing up too fast for my liking *sigh*

Compared to her 30 mth milestones, these 2 months brought more major milestones....

  1. She's finally potty-trained during the day. Still gotta work on the night potty-training.

  2. She's starting to conquer her fear of heights. She has never been a climber or jumper. But these 2 mths she's starting to do that.

  3. She has taken over my computer!!! *boohoo* She's started to play computer games all by herself. Even typed in her own name in one of the games!

  4. Getting more dramatic every day. Lately whenever she gets scolded, she will run & sit at the steps & starts singing her sad song! Yes, she has a sad song. It's from Barney. Can't remember the exact lyrics. Will have to try to videotape her doing it one day.

  5. Her learning abilities has shown the greatest improvement.
  • She has started to read on her own. When she first started doing that, I wondered whether she was really reading or it was just part of her memory since she's got most of her books memorized already. So I got her some new books which we've never read b4 & tested her & true enough, she was able to read about 50% of the book with no help and it's getting better each day. Woohoo...... I have been waiting for this day for a long time!! I love reading to my gal but by the time I get to the 10th book of the day, it gets exhausting. At least now I dun have to read so much to her anymore : )

  • Loves to do rhyming words & opposites

  • Starting to grasp the concept of simple math - addition & subtraction

  • Can count to 100 - remember my bean game?? That really did helped her 'cos we would always count to 100 during the clean up.

  • Starting to write

At this age, she's a total sponge. Whatever I teach her, she absorbs. It scares me sometimes 'cos I start to wonder whether I'm teaching her enough. I've never officially homeschool her. The closest that I've come to an official lesson is doing some workbooks that I get from Costco (Tesco-equivalent). Even that is done at her request. Hmmm..... Maybe it's about time to make some decisions about homeschooling, something which has been on my mind for a while now.


J@n!ce said...

Congrates on you gal's 32nd mth into her life :)
I should say your gal is progressing super well. She could even write, read & grasp simple maths.
Kudos to a job well done for the super momma :) :)

G @ said...

happy 32 mths! she is such an intelligent girl, could read, count, do maths, wow - i must learn how u raised lil C :) i'll remember the bean game!

jazzmint said...

wah she can count to 100 and also read by herself at 32months!!! Clever!! I wonder when is mine gonna do that

Irene said...

What a clever little girl. I gotta get me some beans for Hailey. =)

kayatan said...

Yes, home school is a great way to go. I go to a church where all families home school their children.

I have been home schooling my boy since he was 18months old on and off.

I intend to do it full time when I finish my school and pass my board exam.

If you need any resources , please free, I can direct you to tons of resources that our friends used 1st hand.

One of my close gf is a die hard home school mom, she speaks in the local county library as a guess speaker whenever people need to talk to some experts.

Judy said...

Happy 32nd months to your girl. She sounds very intelligent and it is wonderful feeling to see your child absorb things so quickly. It is as if you yourself have achieved something.

mommy of 2 angels said...

wow she's almost a genius!! hahahaha

Vien said...

A Nov baby. :) So is Belle.

Anggie's journel said...

know how to count to 100.??. that's very clever of her .. coming to 3 years... time really fly fast.
Sure u enjoy and very proud seeing ur lil C achievement .

Blur Mommy said...

janice: thks! actually it's
more like super baby, lazy mama! :p

g: Err.. I also dunno how I raised her!! haha...I really have to give credit to C 'cos she's the one who wants to learn. I think if she didn't want to learn, I also cannot teach. : )

jazzmint: mommy too lazy to read to her so she have to learn to read by herselfmah...haha..

irene: thks! Ya, the bean game really helped in my gal's counting. Have fun!!

Blur Mommy said...

kayatan: thks for ur offer! I would love to get some resources from u. Are u using a curriculum? Your boy is very smart!

judy: TQ! Yep, it really warms my heart everytime she achieves something.

mommy of 2 angels: really ar?? TQ TQ :p

vien: Belle too? When is Belle's bday? C's on the 18th.

anggie: yep, she's really growing up too fast.

Lovely Mummy said...

hi there, i have tagged u...

kayatan said...

Yes, I use Abeka and a few combination.

I am still not very into it yet cos I have to 'kowtim' my own studies first :).

I thought I just let him have some silly childhood year first. Like him to play with mud first before I introduce him with serious stuff :).

I think he has good genes from his grandparents :)- In laws are very accomplish people so were they parents. So he is fortunate to have the gene pool :)-

LA My Home said...

wow, so happy to hear that she can read by herself. i agree with you, i also not sure if i teach enough and really don't know what to teach. reading the same books 5x a days is norm here. i don't even need to look at the book also i can read to him. HA HA


wHOisBaBy said...

got a tag for you, what you will do with $1mill -

Lian said...

Looks like baby is ready but mommy is not. Hehehe. Yes, join me in doing kinder-homeschooling. Then we can share-share our experience.

Blur Mommy said...

lovely mummy: thks for the tag. Will check it out!

kayatan: That's why I didn't homeschool her yet 'cos I also wanted her to enjoy herself herself 1st but it seems like she's enjoying studying more than anything. So maybe it's a gd time to start? I will check out Abeka. Thks : )

anna: ya, sometimes read until so tired of it.:p I wish we stay closer then we can xchange books. : ) Thks for the tag. Will check it out.

Blur Mommy said...

lian: yep, lazy mommy better get her act together. : ) Are u doing homeschooling too? Will check out ur blog for ideas. Looking forward to sharing of ideas.

Big Pumpkin said...

Congratulations to Lil'C !!! *clap-clap-clap* What an intelligent little girl she is! Well done, Mummy!

Here, Tee can only count to 30 (even then she misses 16 to 18) and definitely can't read, altho she is starting to recite books that we've read (through memory for sure). I can't wait till she can read on her own too. Save my voice, man...its so tiring....

Again, good job, Mummy. For instilling the LOVE of learning. Because she did get that from somewhere!