Thursday, June 28, 2007

Why? Why? Why?

Conversation A:
Me: Why did you put the book in the laundry basket?
Lil' C: Why? Why? Why?

Conversation B:
Me: Why aren't you eating your breakfast?
Lil' C: Why? Why? Why?

Conversation C:
Me: Why are you writing in your storybook?
Lil' C: Why? Why? Why?

Aaaarghhhhh....... do I get mad or laugh?????? As cute as they are, sometimes they do test our patience, don't they??? : p


Mummy to QiQi said...

kekeke...*kek sei yan*, how to scold like that??

Dr ve Thru said...

ME: Why do you ask so many questions?

YOU: Why? Why? Why?

Do you feel better now? :P

wHOisBaBy said...

hehehe ... so funny. just laugh with her and repeat why why why to her.

eastcoastlife said...

hehehe.... when my son was in kindy, that's the word he always use. Why?

It's embarrassing when he asked in public. You can see many kaypoh people cocking their ears to listen to your answers. ish.

jazzmint said...

haah..ask u back somemore

Health Freak Mommy said...

I'm curious to know what your replies were when she said why why why....

Blur Mommy said...

mummy to qiqi: yep, really "kek sei yan"!! :p

dr ve thru: haha... that feels better!!!

whoisbaby: the first few times she did it, it was funny but after a while, it got a little annoying .. hehe..

ecl: ya, my gal also ask so many question in public too till I so paiseh sometimes :p

jazzmint: ya very "kek sei yan"

health freak mommy: What I try to do is to keep asking her the same question till she finally got tired of saying why why why & give me a proper answer. : ) Note I say TRY!! : p