Sunday, June 10, 2007

Strawberry Picking

Woohoo.... I love this time of the yr 'cos all the u-pick farms are starting to open their doors. Yesterday most of the U-pick farms open up for strawberry picking. Wanted to go yesterday but the weather was so wet, so had to abort plan. Today after church, even though the sky was a little gloomy, we decided to go anyway 'cos I already promised to bring Lil' C to the strawberry patch this weekend & she was so looking forward to it. So have to keep my promise to my little one, right?

The strawberry field:

Close-up of strawberry plants. Not very pretty, huh?

Ripe strawberries waiting to be picked.

An unripe strawberry

Strawberry pickers hard at work while mommy busy snapping away with the camera : ) Little kids get a tiny blue carton to hold the strawberries while the adults get a big wooden basket with a box in it.

When blue carton is full, dump it into mommy's basket

Finally... the harvest!!!
Guess how much this entire flat of strawberries cost???
Only $2.96!!! Not typo hor? Less than $3. Aren't they cheap?
I still have some more in my fridge that I bought last wk from Costco. Will have to figure out what to do with all the strawberries b4 they go bad.
Now if only they have a durian farm.................. : )


Hijackqueen said...

Strawberry jam, strawberry smoothie, strawberry pie, strawberry fondue, strawberry milkshake. Woohoo!

chinnee said...

so nice the strawberries !
How fun is it to stay in cold weather place ya....unlike here, it is too hot all the time :(

Sasha said...

DURIAN? Hahahahaha I guess the mat sallehs won't agree with you. The strawberries look so yummy, in the basket!

Health Freak Mommy said...

Wow, that's filthy cheap. I wish strawberries here are also that cheap. The pix make me salivating now.

crazymommy said...

it's so cheap! We paid usd1.99 for the pint we picked. Just curious, which part of NW are you in?

Anonymous said...

that's cheap!!! even if we go to the strawberry farm here, they still price per box like $5. but can eat for free with at least one box purchase.


blur_mommy said...

HQ: great ideas!! Thanks! we actually did fondue last nite. It was so good *yum*

chinnee: ya, I love to stay in cold weather place.

sasha: then more for me mah!!! hahaha... but dun think my wish will ever come true : (

health freak mommy: Yep, I was surprised too. I knew it will be cheap but not that cheap.

crazymommy, u went strawberry picking too? I'm in the Seattle area.

whoisbaby: so ex in LA? but u can eat free mah, so they are probably charging u for that too : )

Angeleyes said...

I LOVE Strawberries!!! Your post reminded me about those juiy once whih I used to buy from the weekend market at Fremantle, Perth.

crazymommy said...

Oic. :) We just went picking last Friday. Will be going on Wednesday if it is not raining. Have to take some break from the packing and moving u see. ;)

We love to freeze strawberries and blueberries which we specially hand picked ourselves so that we can have big and juicy ones even during cold winter months. Do you do that?

Vien said...

If they have a durian farm up there, I'll be the first to queue up at the gate..hahaha..

jean said...

Oh I love strawberries!!! But they are soooooo expensive here (SG) and not really fresh :(

G @ said...

strawberries always look so good in photos! man, that is dirt cheap at 2.96! Usually a punnet already costs that much (or sometimes more!) here in Syd. If my home is half way up the hills with dreamy view like urs, wow ... i'd never wanna leave home *LOL* All i see are my neighbours' houses' walls when i look out the windows!

jazzmint said...

wah cheap!!!

huisia said...

Wooo..that's cheap!
I am drooling now :)

earthember said...

wow! That's so cheap! Not sure if I can do any strawberry picking here. Got to check it out.

Chiwi said...

mMmmMmMmm... strawberries dip in chocolate!!! mmMmmmMmmm.. strawberries reminds me of Christmas, coz that's when it's in season in NZ.

blur_mommy said...

angeleyes: I love strawberries too!

crazymommy: I've never done that. But I remember my host family during college days used to cook it into a preserve & freeze it & serve it with ice cream. : )

vien: hey, u jump queue, ar?? Me 1stmah!! hahaha.... But we can only dream, huh?

jean: Here, it depends where u live too. Where we used to live, it wasn't fresh too.

blur_mommy said...

g: We had to sacrifice a big yard & size in favor of the view so I guess there's pros & cons, eh? : )

jazzmint, huisia: yea, so cheap. Took me by surprise too!

earthember: yep, u shld definitely check it out. The kids would love it!!

chiwi: that's exactly what we did when we got home!!! strawberry & chocolate fondue! Yum : )

cairo's mommy said...

wah seems fun, u must go again soon!

i wish i could bring cairo strawberry picking one day too :D

blur_mommy said...

cairo's mommy: we will definitely go again soon. : )