Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Sell your photos at Shutterstock

This is not a sponsored post, ok?? : ) A friend was asking me how to sell her photos, so I'm writing this for her & for anyone else who's interested.

You know those nice pics in magazines & ads? Nowadays, instead of taking their photos, most ad agency will buy stock photos 'cos it's cheaper & probably has more variety than if they take the pics themselves. They are many stock photo agency out there. The one that I'm using is Shutterstock. What the ad agencies will do is pay a monthly subscription to Shutterstock & they can download a certain no. of photos each mth.

If you are a photographer, what u do is submit your nice pics to Shutterstock. It's free but each photo u submit will have to be approved first b4 it's added to the gallery. Once it's in the gallery, each time someone downloads ur photo, u can paid 25 cents. It's not much but it all adds up. Some people even make a living out of this! Hopefully someday I will too!! hehehe.... The best part of this is that there's not much work to be done, just need to upload the photos & then once in a while, check & see if anyone is downloading ur photos.

S, I know u got lots of nice photos already, so check it out ok ?? : )

p/s: Anyone who is interested can also just click on the Shutterstock logo in my sidebar & sign up from there. Just to clarify, if u sign up from my blog, u will be on my referral pgm, which means everytime u get 25 cents, I will get 3 cents. : )

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Anonymous said...

interesting information. thanks. will see if i have nice next time i go out i can also take nice pictures of scenery ... another way to earn some extra money. hehehe


Anonymous said...

i just went by to take a look at your photographs ... they are SO SO BEAUTIFUL. what camera do you use to take these pictures?


blur_mommy said...

whoisbaby, thanks! : ) *blush* Actually I have to give credit to my camera. I'm using the Nikon D50 DSLR. Ever since I got the D50 last yr, my photos have turned out much nicer than b4.

jazzmint said...

yaya philip told me this sometime ago

Seattle said...

Shutterstock just rejected all 10 of my first submittals for noise. I'm using the D50, but I think I usually shoot at too high an ISO.

For your Shutterstock shots on the D50: do you shoot in raw or jpeg, use a tripod, always shoot at 200 ISO? Do you usually adjust photos in Photoshop after you have taken them and prior to submittal?

I also wonder if my lens (Tamron 18-200) is contributing to the noise. (But I love its flexibility.)

Any tips on shooting for microstock with the D50?

Thanks, Seattle

blur_mommy said...

Seattle: I shoot in jpeg, no tripod & 200 ISO. Sometimes I will adjust in Photoshop but most of the time, no. Sorry I've got no experience with the Tamron lens. I'm using the 18-55 kit lens.
U might want to post ur photos at the Shutterstock forum & let the experts give u some tips. I'm still very new at stock photos.