Tuesday, June 12, 2007

My first payment in blogging!!

Yippee!!! I got paid yesterday for the 1st time since I started this blog a mth ago. Oklah, I know it's a very small amount but forgive this newbie for her excitement, ya?? : )

This is actually a payment from Creamaid for the post on Sunday. I was bloghopping when I came across Creamaid & was curious how it works. On a whim, I wrote a post on it. To my surprise, within 24 hrs, it was accepted & I got paid the next day.

I must say it feels good to say that I earned it myself. : ) The last time I got paid was when I left the corporate world 7 yrs ago!!


kayatan said...

Congratulation !

LA My Home said...

happy for you! and welcome to the blogging for money world.

Health Freak Mommy said...

Oooh, congrats 2 u. I know how it feels coz I too recently got paid by Cremaid & other review companies. What a sense of achievement.

Irene said...

thanks for dropping by. =) and congrats on your payment.

G @ said...

that's pretty quick, 24 hrs after a post! congrats. left the corp world 7 yrs ago ... aww what a sacrifice u've made to be a full time mommy :D

blur_mommy said...

kayatan, lamyhome, health freak mommy, irene, g: thanks! : )

Dr ve Thru said...

How does it work? You should be excited about it....CONGRATULATIONS!

blur_mommy said...

dr ve thru: It's actually like an ad train. U write a post & submit it & if it gets selected to be posted on the ad train aka conversation, then u get paid. Amt varies by conversation.

Basically, there are 2 ways to start doing it.
1. Go the Creamaid website & see if any topic or conversation that interests u. Click on it & join from there or

2.u can go the conversation already in place on someone's blog like mine & click on it to join. When u do this way, that person will also get a referral pymt too.

err... explanation okkah? or I make u more confused??? hehehe.... Anyway, u can check out for more info. : )