Thursday, May 31, 2007


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Since it’s a new company, there seems to be some startup problems but it looks like the problems are being worked out even as I write this. Currently there's also limited opportunities. Hopefully, as Bloggerwave starts to grow, opportunities will also start rolling in. So what are you waiting for? If you are interested in earning extra income, do check them out here

Nap is not good for me??

Recently, Lil' C has begun to dislike taking naps in the afternoon. Pre-nap time, she's such a sweet & happy girl but the moment the 3-letter word NAP is mentioned, tears would start to flow & tantrums starts to kick in. Her favorite phrase now is "Nap is not good for me" Huh??? where did she learn that???

Actually, I dun mind her not taking any naps 'cos that meant early bedtime for her but the problem is that she gets very cranky in the evening when she doesn't nap. So I will try my best to get her to nap. Usually mommy wins the nap battle & she will "kuai-kuai" (obediently) take a 2 hr nap. But occasionally when I'm just too tired to battle it out with her, I let her go without a nap, let her daddy deal with her crankiness *evil grin * & send her to bed early.

Yesterday was such a day. Instead of a nap battle, I just left her alone playing in her room. For a while I could hear her playing in her room. Then all of a sudden it got too quiet. So I peeped into her room & guess what I saw . . . . . . . .


FAST ASLEEP in her tent!! Yippeee...... no cranky toddler in the evening!!
Yep, that's the way my little monkey usually sleeps.
Hmm.... wonder if this method will work everyday?? Probably not, huh???

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Craft corner

Cairo's mommy ask how I supervise Lil' C during craft time while I'm on the PC. So today I show u my office table. : p (Sorry hor, a bit bored today!! hehehe. . . .)

I use this long table so that she can sit on the same table with me. That way, I can still help her if she needs help during craft time. Otherwise, I'll try to let her do it by herself. : )

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Cheese - hate it or love it?

Sometimes Lil' C really drive me nuts especially when it comes to eating. She's pretty picky when it comes to food. Since she's on a milk boycott, I have to find ways to increase her calcium intake. So yesterday, when she asks for a snack, I gave her this nice piece of cheese:

Her reaction: "Mommy, I don't like cheese! It's yucky!!"

Few minutes later, the same cheese - cut into butterfly shape & given to her

Her reaction: " Yummy, I love cheese"
Mommy's reaction: * big headache * I think I need to borrow some creative idea from Wokking Mum !!